Fitness Expert, Health Advocate, Author, Personal Trainer, Life Coach


Jillian Bullock, who is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a Life, Fitness, and Transformation Coach. Her passion is to empower people to obtain success and greatness despite the obstacles, hardships, or challenges against them. Her inspirational story, which is highlighted in her memoir, HERE I STAND, tells how she overcame tremendous obstacles, including rape, drug addiction, homelessness, prostitution, criminal activity, and domestic violence. She uses her own story to teach people that one’s past doesn’t dictate what their future will be.

As an author, fitness and wellness expert and health advocate, Jillian has used proven methods and training programs she developed over time to inspire and empower millions. People gain the tools necessary to transform their lives by becoming healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through Jillian’s lectures, seminars, speeches, and workshops, people have life-changing experiences. They go on to enjoy a productive and successful life, personally and professionally.


Jillian’s Motto on Life
“When life deals you hardships and challenges which threaten your happiness and success, you have a choice: Either lie down and quit or stand up and fight.” – Jillian Bullock

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